SneakMart Partners with StockX to Bring Tennis NFTs to the Metaverse - BiticaNews

 Sneakmart, a French startup looking to enhance the Metaverse user experience through real-world sneaker tokenization, has announced a major collaboration with StockX, a leading footwear resale marketplace.

The partnership allows Sneakmart to offer access to tennis NFTs to its customers through its Metakicks platform. The blockchain-based venture will see sneaker fans and fans alike customize their collections as they explore the world of digitization and the Web3.

StockX is Sneakmart's official partner for physical sneakers and will take care of delivering all winners from the very first release of Metakicks.

Exclusive tennis NFTs with over $200K in prizes

The collection will feature 15 unique 3D animated designs, with Metakicks boxes offering four levels of rarity: Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary.

For the upcoming Metakicks release, Sneakmart has lined up over $200,000 in prizes and has the backing of football celebrities like Didier Drogba, Kinsley Coman and Marco Verratti.

Today, products like the Nike Air Jordan 1 high have helped propel limited-edition sneaker-related NFTs into a $6 billion market. A booming secondary sales market and a major shift to leverage Web3 means the fashion industry is just getting started, the platform wrote.

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