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Centrifuge, the industry leader in DeFi for financing real-world assets (RWAs) on the blockchain, and blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm BlockTower have announced a partnership to build the future of RWA on-chain, Coin Journal learns in a Press release.

This partnership will bring BlockTower's institutional assets and capital into the Centrifuge protocol, accelerating the funding of on-chain RWAs. The partners completed a first round of $3 million treasury token sales in April under the new alliance.

The high value of investing in RWAs

The announcement reflects the significant value of investing in RWAs for both traditional and cryptocurrency investors. BlockTower will become the first major investment firm to build strategy and expertise specifically around this asset class.

The partnership underscores Centrifuge's reputation as the leading DeFi protocol in the RWA space, but also shows BlockTower's certainty in the asset class's bright future.

Creating asset-backed pools

Centrifuge allows companies to tokenize consumer credit, invoices, mortgages and other non-crypto assets and create an investment opportunity by building asset-backed pools.

It allows companies to carry out transactions directly with investors, democratizing access to capital. In this way, stakeholders eliminate banks and other centralized intermediaries.

Investors earn interest and rewards

In exchange for providing liquidity, investors earn interest and rewards on Centrifuge Tokens (CFG), the native assets of Centrifuge Chain.

BlockTower and Centrifuge are at the Permissionless conference in Miami, running through May 19, and will talk about the potential of RWAs in DeFi and how institutional investors can cash in on it.

Matthew Goetz, CEO and co-founder of BlockTower Capital Advisors, said:

Blockchain technology has long promised to reshape the plumbing of the world's financial services. To that end, BlockTower is excited to support the Centrifuge team as they democratize access and drive efficiencies in the securitization industry; We believe these strategic partnerships are essential to ushering in the future of finance.

Lucas Vogelsang, CEO and co-founder of Centrifuge, added:

The value of real-world assets for DeFi is becoming increasingly clear as the technology matures and we see the first big hits in this space. The partnership between BlockTower and Centrifuge is an exciting step towards accelerating the adoption of DeFi in institutional capital.

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